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Job Descriptions
PTSA Officers Job Descriptions

PTSA President
The role of president is officially defined at only a high level in the local and state PTA by-laws. As in any organization the President is involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations of the PTA. The amount of time involved fluctuates greatly. In some weeks (eg before the monthly meetings) it can involve many emails/etc. In other weeks the required time is rather light.

Much of the time involved can be in the evenings corresponding via email/etc. This is nice since for many time and physical presence in the school during the work day isn’t easy to come by. That said the face to face involvement with the principal, and other faculty members is very beneficial. It really helps keep the individual very connected and involved in your student’s education environment. It offers a great opportunity to help support your school through an over $20,000 budget.

Keep in Mind:
• The president is ultimately responsible for the executive board’s decisions.

PTSA President Job Description

PTSA Vice President
The role of vice president is typically one of the least-defined jobs on the PTA executive board. As vice president, you will play a role in day-to-day operations of the PTA, help formulate the group’s long-range plan, work out issues as they arise, and participate in executive board discussions and decision making. That equates to a fair amount of responsibility but not necessarily a lot of time demands, which means you can take on additional responsibilities that suit your talents and availability.

Serving as vice president is a good entry-level executive board position and provides good training for future presidents. And as vice president, you get the best of both worlds: You are part of the PTA’s overall leadership team, but you can also get in the trenches and do some of the work that defines the PTA.

Basic Duties
• Assist the president and accept delegated responsibility.
• Lead meetings in absence of the president.
• Attend monthly PTSA meetings.
• Participate in executive board meetings and provide input for decisions
• Attend and provide input for budget meeting

Duties unique to Elton Hills
• Organize 3 – 4 special assemblies for the school. Work with principle and choose assemblies that support the focus/theme of the year. Stay within the budgeted amount of money. (assemblies and rec. center day presently share their budget).
• Organized list of lead volunteers, the activities they cover and contact information. Ensure it is correct on the Elton Hills web site.
• Help locate lead volunteers for the activities / confirm who will continue on for the next year.
• Own Fall Membership drive, and provide current list of membership to secretary and get membership funds.

Keep in Mind:
• The vice president is subordinate to the president, not a co-president.
• The president is ultimately responsible for the executive board’s decisions.

PTSA Secretary
The role of the secretary primarily involves distribution of monthly agendas, attendance at the monthly meetings, and creation of meeting minutes.The time commitment is rather light, with the most time being spent during the first two weeks of the month.This entails a leadership meeting prior to the PTSA meetings, communication with the school secretary, attending the meeting and recording minutes, and email communications with the other officers throughout the month, as needed.

Serving as secretary is a great way to become involved with your student’s school, meet other parents and teachers, and make a positive difference!

Basic Duties

Attend & participate in the officer’s meeting prior to the monthly PTSA meeting

Create monthly agenda template on EH PTSA Google drive

Email agenda & message to EH secretary (Sandi Mandelko) to send via Skyward

Attend monthly PTSA meeting

Bring copies of the current agenda, previous minutes & attendance record

Record minutes

At home complete minutes, fill in gaps

Email minutes to teacher representative

Add minutes to the EH website

Save all agendas and minutes on the EH PTSA Google drive

Save hard copy of the following in the EH PTSA Secretary binder:

Current agenda

Previous month’s minutes

Treasurer’s report

Attendance record

Any handouts provided at the meeting

PTSA Treasurer


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